Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 black things I'd love to have! #WHATTHEBLACK

This blog post is a great idea, specially for someone like me who always says that Black & White are her favourite "colours". And they can never go wrong I tell you!

BLACK has this mysterious, deep, dark charm about it. Also, black is BOLD yet SAFE, and continue reading to know why - 5 things black that I would love to add to my wishlist:

1. The little BLACK dress-

This one is going to be in every female's list for sure! Whenever confused about which outfit to wear for a party, or dinner at someplace fancy or a date, this one is your safest bet! I would love to have one that fits me perfectly, and I could accessorize differently every time and make it look different. Say with a floral blazer, or with gold accessories..go wild!

2. A pair of BLACK pumps/boots-

This would also be my safe bet / back up plan or something I just can't go wrong with. Can't find a matching pair of shoes with the outfit? Wear black!!

3. A BLACK watch-

I love watches, and believe that whether you own 5 watches or 50, make sure you have at-least 1 white, 1 black, 1 gold and 1 silver; these four in your closet and you need no more! A black strap black dial preferably with studs or diamonds is something I'd love!

4. BLACK aviator sunglasses-

Yes yes I know that those round vintage coloured sunglasses are very much in, but the trend shall not last long, would it? A pair of nice RayBan aviators in black can make you look hot, while protecting your eyes at the same time!! Something that I'd say is a must have!

5. A pair of BLACK skinny jeans-

We all need denims of-course, and the best thing about owning at-least 1 black jeans is that you can pair it with absolutely anything (Yes, wear a black on black correctly and you can carry that off too!). And an added benefit is that stains are less likely to be seen so you can continue wearing them without washing for a couple of days more! ;)

I guess I am done with listing the 5 things I would have in my wishlist, but there are others like a sleek black phone/tablet and other gadgets that would add to my list, but I guess these listed above make to the top!!

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