Thursday, April 10, 2014


So the Giant election has kicked off recently and there is a rage all over India. Social media platforms, TV channels, advertisements, discussions, debates. Infact debates and discussions have reached Whatsapp groups!

Its good to know that so many of us are aware, concerned and active in changing our Country's future.

Before I pour in my thoughts, let me tell you this is not a sponsored blog supporting any political party. Infact I have a week more, and I am still not 100% sure whom I want to vote for.

But we want change, that is certain. We're tired of the corruption, inflation, safety of women, over-population, unemployment and many more issues.

But how to we trust who is going to bring that change? Why is it that what the candidates promise in their campaigns is not documented as a legal agreement which is void if promises are not implemented?

I am not taking names here, I don't even know if all the facts, blames, accusations put on each party are true or not.

Many of us have decided whom to vote for, many have even voted. Its awesome to see all the proud selfies of people with their inked finger. I also like that bike ad where he says 'is baar talent ko chuno'.

Its a matter of 5 years, which is not a small period. A lot can change in it. We obviously want a better future for our future kids. We should make a pros and cons list for each option, and whoever has the most pros and least 'cons' in their bag, should get the vote. And post that, lets just hope that India sees a knew morning.

Because, its time this dark night gets over.