Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'Untitled' By @stunningmoon

Silver strands starting to make an appearance,
Fine wrinkles contouring the face...
Yes, we do show our resistance,
But inside we're fighting to keep our grace.

We want equality, some of us even get it.
But its a "Man's world" as they quote,
There's no doubt about it.

Sacrifices, Struggles, Stress;
These S's are ageing us before we ought to,
They expect us to multi task,
Complain, we can't do!

We might dress up like men, even be someone's boss;
But we're women, all we want is to be loved,
Not bear another loss!

Education, Job, Marriage, Family...
Its a never ending process of being up-to the mark,
What we really want is to break free from reality,
But that's a far-fetched dream, leaving us in the dark.

Maybe things will change someday,
Maybe we will get the respect we deserve;
Till then we must keep going,
Using all the energy in our reserve.