Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blogging Tips for Beginners

When you need more than 140 characters to tell people about an experience / a product or just what you think or feel, blogging is a great platform. Some blog for fun, some blog for extra income; whatever the case, there are some things to keep in mind before you start blogging-


1. Language, Grammar & Spellings.


It is really important to use appropriate punctuations, proper grammar and spellings when you write a blog. It makes a difference, people will understand what you're trying to say better, and overall you leave a positive first impression to the readers. Do not use abusive language or write unethical things about someone or a brand, you are liable to get sued for whatever you say on a public platform. Do not give false or half knowledge, if you do not know for sure, use words like "Its rumoured" or "I think" or "maybe". People tend to blindly search and believe whatever is written on the internet, so do not falsely guide them. Also, proof-read your blog entry before you click publish, very important.

2. Update your blog frequently.


It is important to update your blog as frequently as you can. If you are going to type 1 blog in a quarter year of half year, no one is going to give much attention. At-least once a week, if you can, should be great. And blog about recent happenings, if you are going to blog about something that happened months or years ago, or write a review about something that launched months ago, its going to be a complete waste, because by then many must have already written similar blogs and also, no one will be interested on those topics any-more.

3.  Make it look attractive.


If you go on typing, chances are after a point people will stop reading. The best part of your blog might be towards the end, and people won't have reached till there too! Use attractive headings, fonts, colours, images etc to make your blog more appealing to readers. You can insert YouTube video links, html links to other websites, images and what not. On this note, make sure you have the permission to use the images or are using images you have clicked yourself. If someone has copyrighted their images, they can sue you for stealing their images.

4. Optimize your article for Search Engines.

images (45).jpg

Use of appropriate keywords so that people are able to find your blogs easily is very important. At this point, think from a viewer's point of view. What would you enter in the search box when you wanted to find a blog on that topic. Accordingly, use those keywords. That should definitely boost up your audience numbers.

5. Social Media presence.


Have icons that direct to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Website etc. This lets the viewer know how socially active you are, plus you never know, where and how you shall make new contacts. Vice versa, it helps to promote your blog links on these very social media platforms.


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