Thursday, December 5, 2013

Solution to AkzoNobel's challenge #ColourItWithTech by @stunningmoon

The challenge-

Teams have to suggest a mobility technology solution to deliver colour tools to consumers and serve them better throughout their painting journey. 

My Solution-

  • The first step is to have a user friendly mobile app for iOS & Android with colour options, colour combination suggests, and other information on colours like cool/warm colours, what is suitable for which room etc.
  • Customers , after understanding this can choose the shade they want to purchase. Now we know that shades will look different on the phone/computer display and different on the wall. So customer should be able to choose say 3 samples of similar shades which the company will send them. Once customer decides which shade they want to go for, the order can be processed.
  • This 2nd step can get a little complicated for the company, so once 3 samples are sent, maybe they can direct customer to nearest retailer from where the shade can be bought. The location, along with map and contact number can be provided , or the whole list be uploaded on the app.
  • Customers can also be offered a quote for getting the room/house painted from AkzoNobel authorized professional painters. 
  • Ask customers to share their painted home and complete experience as a app review or on social media so that other hesitant customers can also give it a shot.

Thank you,