Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#FutureOfCustomerService Challenge by Videocon D2H Solution by Avantika @stunningmoon

#FutureOfCustomerService Challenge by  Videocon D2H Solution by Avantika @stunningmoon

The challenge-

Suggest a technology solution to improve the SLA for customer complaint resolution.

My Solution-

Create a app that will be compatible with Android , iOS and have a mobile site too for those who don't have access to smartphones.

This app/mobile site should be cloud based, hence all the data submitted can be viewed by Videocon engineers from their end.

Customers have to register using their Videocon D2H details, once they do that they can submit a complaint registration anywhere any-time by simply filling a small form stating the nature of their problem, address, contact number, preferable timing for engineer to visit, etc.

Once complain is registered, customers get a complaint number which they should be able to track from this app itself, the current status i.e. For eg. Complaint Registered - Complaint Under Process - Engineer allotted - Complaint Closed (Something like that.)

Also, for the benefit of Videocon D2H, customer should not be able to raise another complaint until & unless the previous one has been closed. Sometimes people keep complaining repeatedly for the same problem.

Along with this, if customers complain on social media platforms like Twitter / Facebook, a dedicated team should be present to respond to these complaints, or at-least direct them to this app/website.

Thank you,
Avantika Chitlangia

Monday, November 11, 2013

Supertechies 'Deutsche Bank #KnowYourCustomers Challenge' Solution

Supertechies  'Deutsche Bank #KnowYourCustomers Challenge Solution

I would advice the following steps to be taken-

1. A totally on-line based e-KYC data collection, for the benefit of customers & banks both, not having to go individually to a bank.

2. A cloud based software which can enable customers to upload their information & documents securely as well as allow banks to access data from any branch.

3. Some incentive should be given to customers for taking the efforts, this will lead to quick and more no.s of customers doing the needful. For eg. Give free e-vouchers or gift vouchers on successful completion of KYC; or maybe No charges on ATM withdrawal from other banks. Something where the bank doesn't need to make a big investment but at the same time attract customer's attention.

4. A software to quickly verify if form submitted is incomplete and if it is, a immediate response to customer to update the same.

5. By having everything done electronically, usage of paper decreases, making it eco-friendly too. Online editable forms should be easily downloadable. 

6. Set up a special counter with a computer & scanner for customers who do not have access to the same and can upload their KYC from the bank.

7. Accept 1 document as valid proof for all requirements like ID , Address etc, (For eg. Passport, Aadhar, etc) so that its less of a hassle for customers.

8. On the net-banking website, have a message flash that the KYC procedure is not for the bank's benefit but for the customer's.

Thank you.
Avantika Chitlangia