Sunday, August 7, 2016

Komplete Kare For Your Skin and Hair!

I'm back with another review, and this time it's for these yummy products that arrived a few days ago packed beautifully -

Three big bottles of 3-in-1 shampoo plus body wash plus bubble bath, I was an excited puppy and couldn't wait to try them all. The brand Komplete Kare was unknown to me, even though they're available globally, and they have two range of products - Belcam and Naturalium.

The packing and product range reminds me of Oriflame and Amway products, and I'm not sure if they do sell on referral basis, but that could be a good business idea for them.

The three 'Bath Therapy' products that I received were -


Get spa-like experience at home. What’s better than citrus essence? 3-in-1 bottle of magic (Body wash, bubble bath & shampoo) No artificial color, pH compatible and biodegradable. Enjoy the balmy fragrance with hints of lime, lemon & grapefruit.

Do you know the popular dessert on the Wimbledon ground? It’s strawberry & cream and it now comes power-packed as a 3-in-1 bottle.The blend of tangy & sweet strawberries and the soft texture of the cream makes it a worthy buy.
Look marvelous in just 10 seconds!
3. BELCAM Paris Sweets – Sea Salt & Caramel

A popular dessert flavor is now in a bottle! Here’s a 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo & bubble bath which will charge you up instantly.
My take on the products -
1. Firstly, the fragrance of each product was exactly what the name would make you imagine. Especially the sea salt and caramel - I almost felt like trying to eat it!
2. The quantity is great for the price - Rs.499 for 500ML, each bottle will easily last you a couple of months even if you use it for both hair and body.
3. Though I do not have the privilege of owning a bathtub (lack of space in my humble abode), I did try bubbling up my bucket of water and it did froth up well, which is awesome coz Paraben-free products might not lather well.

4. Talking of that, the best thing is that all the products are free of Parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, petroleum, artificial color, and formaldehyde. It is pH skin compatible, gluten free and biodegradable. It is scented with a hypoallergenic fragrance. Means people with sensitive skin can use them, and they suit all skin or climate types. Paraben-free shampoos are quite the trend this year, all the top brands have a range.

If you live in a metro city, specially Mumbai, you know how it feels to always be on the run. You also know the importance of every square inch and space crunch to store stuff. So I love how you can have a multitasking use out of one product - and both genders can use it. They even have a kids range which I will try next time.

I'm a sucker for yummy smelling personal care products, and they're key factor I consider when I purchase anything. So I was very happy with the range - you can buy the products from any Beauty Palace, Health & Glow etc or online on They even have a range called Naturalium that has body lotion, shower gel and shampoo cum conditioners to try out!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Recently, Colgate sent me four toothpaste packs from their limited edition Magical Stories range. Though we use Colgate at home, it was not the one in which you get these. I'm pretty sure you must have seen this cute TVC already -

Though my kid is only about 2 years old, and cannot make his own stories right now, I was excited to cut these sea-world characters out for him to observe, play and learn. Don't we parents want our kids to pick everything up fast? 

My neighbour has a 5 year old son, and one day when he came to our home and saw these packs he was very excited because he had been asking his mom to get them for him since some days. So I couldn't help but give 2 of the packs to him, you should've seen the delight on his face!

I told him to tell his mumma to share pictures with me, and here they are -

Not only kids, adults who like to be creative will enjoy this craft time with their li'l ones too. Plus there are so many facts that even I did not know of and read on the pack. My li'l one really loved the fishes and now I know that one day maybe I can get him a pet goldfish! 

It is such a simple and thoughtful innovation by Colgate, instead of throwing the pack, make use of it to enhance children's imagination, give them some activity that doesn't involve gadgets and of-course, encourage them to brush teeth (twice a day). Hat's off guys, whoever thought of this deserves to be complimented.

For my kid, I put together a story combining 2 of the packs, why not?

The sea-world theme reminded me of the famous movie series Pirates of the Carribean, with the octopus and lady-pirate and all. My story involved a good pirate in search for a hidden treasure left by his ancestors but no one was able to search for it till now. It was protected by a mighty octopus, and only a true honest pirate would be able to take the treasure away. The pirate, with the help of his talking parrot and crew, finds the treasure. Fishes try to stop him from going in the sea, warning him that whoever has gone till now has never come back. But our pirate here is not one to easily get scared. He dives in, faces the octopus and his fish friends. The octopus asks him, that answer my question honestly and if I get to know that you're telling the truth, I'll let you take it. Our octopus friend has superpowers of not only changing his colour quickly but also knowing if one is lying or not. He asks the pirate - "What will you do with the treasure?". The Pirate replies - "Sir, I'll be honest. I will use a small portion to repair my ship, rest will be divided between my crew and their family back home, they need it more than me." The Octopus was not only happy with the answer, but also knew it was the trust; and he gladly let the pirate take the treasure home. Moral of the story - Honestly is the best policy, Take only how much you need and charity begins at home. :)

Thank you Colgate, on behalf of all the kids who enjoyed story-telling sessions with the pack. And will look forward to more themes and series in the future, when my kid is old enough to make his own stories!

Happy Baby Bottoms with Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

We as parents find our babies running about in their diapers so extremely cute! And till they’re not potty trained, we make them wear a diaper overnight and whenever we’re having a baby’s day out. Kudos to mommies who make their babies wear minimal diapers, but I am one of the regular mom’s who still relies on diapers, as my baby is not potty trained yet.

I obviously buy the best diapers available out there for my kiddo, but there are times when the diaper gets heavy and wet, like during the rains or winters when everyone tends to pee frequently. If for any reason his diaper is on for way too long, he get’s prone to rashes. Why just kids, mommies, even if you use your sanitary napkins for too long, you’ll get rashes, so imagine your li’l munchkin who wears a diaper every day (or night)!

That’s why I always keep some diaper cream handy, and just like most of the other baby care products, I trust Himalaya’s Diaper Rash Cream. Himalaya BabyCare has recently changed the packaging of their diaper cream, and now it comes in a standing tube, and I prefer this one to the old tube.

What it does:

Himalaya’s Diaper Rash Cream, while promoting effective healing, soothes red and irritated skin and forms a protective layer on baby’s skin.

Key ingredients:

Natural Zinc keeps baby's skin dry as well as helping rashes heal. It is also known to have antiseptic and astringent properties.

Almond Oil is an excellent skin softener, which moisturizes baby’s skin.

Aloe Vera is used extensively in Ayurveda for wounds, burns, dermatitis and other skin ailments. It soothes and moisturizes baby's skin. It acts as an antibacterial agent and an astringent, which accelerate the healing of baby's skin.

Five-Leaved Chaste Tree contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is useful in the treatment of sores and skin infections.
Pack size:

20g for Rs55 and 50g for Rs95

Directions for use:

Apply Diaper Rash Cream on rashes and around the area where the diaper's edges rub against baby's skin.

Because the skin in that region is the most sensitive, I would never take any chances with harsh ingredients like parabens or chemical based products. The natural and herbal ingredients in the Diaper Rash Cream, as well as other Himalaya Baby Care products make me choose them every time. There are some other diaper rash products or protective creams which tend to make the baby’s skin dark with frequent use. I have not seen that with the Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream.

Apart from the diaper rash cream, I’d recommend you to wash your baby’s private parts at least twice a day (or clean with wipes if travelling) and avoid keeping your li’l one in a diaper for too long, after all till they can’t talk it’s very difficult for them to express their discomfort, and you might take their irritated expressions to be a sign of gastric issues or being fussy.

P.N. Always check product details before using to see if it has any ingredient that you or your kid is allergic too. J

Buying the right shoes for my Zumba classes!

I have never been a “High Heels” person ever. I find them extremely painful and straining my back, and whenever I have attempted to wear them I’ve just been tripping over or walking 10x slower as a precaution. I have never felt the need or desire to wear stilettos or pencil heels, occasional wedges or low heels during parties or weddings are totally fine.

If you’ve followed my stories on the blog or social media, you must have seen how determined I have been recently to get fit – and joined Zumba too. It’s been almost 2 months and I’m loving it! I thought, now that I know I’m serious about my fitness, its time I invest new gear, as my old sports shoes are all wearing out and loosing grip.

I have mostly worn Puma shoes, but was looking at online shopping sites for other options, I thought it’d be nice to try some other renowned fitness brand. There is such a wide variety not only of brands but also types of sports shoes – casual, sneakers, walking shoes, running shoes, special shoes for sports like tennis or football and so on. I was looking for walking/running shoes but with a good grip and light weight. Casual sport shoes or sneakers are usually heavy and don’t have a good grip and comfort for working out frequently.

White sneakers and sports shoes are so in fashion nowadays; I wish listed a couple of them but soon took a practical decision to go for a darker colour as white would get spoilt easily in commute. At the same time, I didn’t want to go for a girly colour so Pink was definitely ruled out too.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find a range of colours and decided to select a Nike shoe. One issue I usually have when buying shoes online is availability in my size – because I am a size 6, which is very common in Indian women. So I always need to shop on sites where I can get a good variety in my shoe size and I was happy that Myntra had some 50 odd Nike sports shoes available in my size! Da Da Ding!

These are the one’s I shortlisted basis the price, discount and shoe details –

1.     If you want to go for white sport shoes, this one is awesome! The detailing and the contrasting orange design makes the shoe look eye catchy.
2.     A feminine running shoe, though not Pinky. Grey and purple is a combination I never thought of. This is the one I am ordering.

3.     If you love black, this one with a hint of purple is cool too. It’s got a nice mesh effect.

All the shoes have a good discount and I simply cannot wait for my shoes to arrive and flaunt them in my Zumba class. There is always the hesitation of the shoes being original, because there are so many first copies and duplicates available in the market, but I trust Myntra and even if the shoes do not match my expectations of quality or do not fit me , I can always return them easily.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

#SetLookAllDay with #FALPowderCream!

Being a full-time working mother plus blogger is as good as juggling three jobs. Which in plain words means I have to be up and about in the morning and am on my feet all day, only to snooze post midnight once the li'l one is asleep. And weekends go in running errands, going for blogger meets or taking the kiddo to the garden. Amidst all this, I also try to fit in some me-time like going for Zumba or reading a book or watching a movie (on the Macbook or smartphone, in bits and parts).

Being a blogger or influencer, or going for work-meetings means one has to look good (and fresh). I simply cannot make it look like I've not slept properly due to the kiddo waking up in the middle of the night or because I am exhausted at the end of the week. So I obviously need some magical help with this and few days ago, I got that when I was invited for the official launch of the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream.

From balloons to flowers to cute looking dessert - the day had it all!
The venue for the day was Bungalow 9, Bandra - a great place though it was covered for the monsoon season or else it's even more beautiful! The theme for the day was Pink & White and we were given pink roses and white/pink flower tiaras to wear. We started off with some mocktails and soon the exclusive product launch TVC was shown to us bloggers before showing it to the whole word -


Now when you think of Fair and Lovely, the first thing that comes to your mind is their Fairness Cream. But do not confuse this product with that, this is an all new combination of cream and powder - a cream, that feels as light and non-oily as powder and keeps you looking fresh from morning till night - as it claims to be lasting for 14 hours.

The left pic was taken in the morning and the right in the evening, I was a bit tired, but not my skin!
Each one of us bloggers were asked to try the product - it blended well in my skin and didn't feel oily. Mumbai is a really humid place, being a tropical city, so all of us with oily or combination skin definitely don't survive without touch-ups with some compact powder, so I was eager to see the results of the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream at end of the day.


Team Cream member Michelle with her amazing poster of the team - Can you spot me?
To keep us engaged throughout the day - there are many games and activities which were super fun. There was 'Pass the current', Sketch the Team Poster, Beauty Taboo, Quiz round and unlock the treasure, and TVC making contest. I was chosen the team captain for Team Cream and at the end of the day our team won with highest points. Not only that, I personally won quite a few games and got back so many goodies home! Yay!

More goodies!
After all the running around, going inside air-conditioning and coming outside in the humid heat frequently and hours later when I clicked a selfie, my face still looked fresh and 'selfie-ready'! This product is mainly made keeping in mind all the college going girls or just graduated and first job ladies who are running around from early morning till late night - making their name or being a breadwinner in the family or gearing up for a brighter future!

With Bhumika, Megha and Michelle - Propping it up!
Group pic with the lovely host for the day Frieshia.
It was lovely meeting the entire team of Fair and Lovely, as well as my blogger friends and meeting some new lovely blogger ladies! Thank you for the fun and frolic day F&L!

I also have some great news for all you readers - If you want to try the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream and would like to win goodies, stay tuned to my Twitter handle as something interesting will be coming soon!

About Fair and Lovely Powder Cream -

Fair & Lovely, the pioneer of skin lightening creams and face care expert, extends its portfolio by introducing the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream. Created with a breakthrough fairness formulation, the revolutionary product is the perfect blend of brightening powder with fairness cream. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream offers an instant and lasting fairness for up to 14 hours while keeping the skin nourished, giving you a flawless look throughout the day.

The answer to every woman’s beauty needs, Fair & Lovely Powder cream cuts down the time consuming ritual of touch ups by giving you a set look for the whole day. The product was developed keeping in mind the need of millions of young Indian women who spend the major part of their day outside the house, attending college or travelling which leaves little scope of checking their look time and again.

There is nothing worse than having a roller coaster day and in between checking your look to see that the glow has completely vanished. You try to overcome dullness by reapplying fairness cream every 3-4 hours or applying powder on top of the cream to mitigate the oil build-up. Fair& Lovely Powder Cream gives your skin a shine-free soft smooth look that keeps your fairand radiant look set throughout the day.

Why Powder Cream?
Skip the hassle of constantly checking your look with the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream that ensures instant & long lasting fairness for not 1 or 2 but 14 hours. The unique brightening powder absorbs oil and the advanced multivitamin creams gives you expert treatment like fairness, helping you maintain a long lasting fairness look. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream blends naturally with Indian skin tones adding a soft & smooth glow to the skin, leading to flawless fairness all day long.

Process of applying
Dot the cream across a cleansed face & neck & gently blend in.

The new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream is available at for Rs.55 for 18g, Rs.115 for 40 gm.

So be it the first day in office, or college, or just a fun outing with friends this summer, make Fair & Lovely Powder Cream part of your daily skin regime.

About Fair & Lovely:
Since 1975, Fair & Lovely has been a pioneer in safe and efficacious skin lightening – democratizing face care for millions of Indian women, and becoming the one of the largest selling face brands in India/countries that it operates

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